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Book Your Fixed Fee Consultation

Whatever concerns you have, an initial consultation with James will help you understand what to do next and the steps you need to take.

What’s Included

The consultation will last up to one hour.

By the end of the hour we aim to have advised you on

  • On the information available the main issues
  • Whether we can assist you
  • Whether we need more information to advise you properly and outline what that information is and
  • Give you as clear a picture as we can as the likely costs involved.

Sometimes and depending upon the enquiry we can offer clear and definitive advice.  However that is not always the case and the situation may be more complex.  We can rarely offer detailed advice on the financial aspects of divorce at an initial interview but we can explain the procedures that will have to be followed to reach a conclusion.

The Cost

£99 including VAT which is payable at the interview, either by cheque or card.  If you decide to instruct us to act for you after that, it will generally be on our normal terms of business which we will explain to you in more detail at the interview.  We will also advise you of the ways in which you might be able to fund it.  In particular:

It is always helpful if before your appointment:

  1. You prepare some notes for yourself so that you can tell us the story, which is nearly always best told in date order.
  2. You arrange and bring with you to your appointment any relevant documents like your marriage certificate, again in date order.


By law we have to comply with money-laundering  regulations, which require that we must obtain from you before or at your interview evidence of your identity.  Two forms of identity are required:

  1. Photographic such as a passport, photo driving licence or works ID card
  2. A bank statement utility bill or similar showing your current address.

Please make sure that you produce this at or before your interview.

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