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Divorce & Separation

When I started on the process of divorce after a long marriage I was given 2 bits of very valuable advice. The first was the importance of having a strong team of people around you including friends, family as well as the range of professionals that you also need. The second piece of advice was to go and see James Belderbos. James has provided me with excellent guidance, he listened to what I wanted and then gave me reasonable and realistic, sometimes hard to swallow but always well thought out and above all honest information and help. I truly believe that James cares about his clients and as a result I believe that I arrived at the best outcome for all parties.

Mr W, Leicestershire

Advice & Support

When you are facing a divorce or separation, it can seem like a very lonely place – you might feel isolated, anxious about immediate challenges such as raising funds, and worried about what your future might bring. If you have children, you’re bound to be concerned, too, about maintaining the best environment possible for them.

We understand all this

We understand the sadness that can affect you. And often the anger too. But we’ll help you look beyond the emotions to your future, so you can plan the way forward positively.

James Belderbos represented me through a divorce. He was easy to talk to and explained anything I didn’t understand in simple terms.
Divorces can be very stressful and personal, but I always felt comfortable talking to James. I highly recommend him because without his knowledge I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Julia Lilley Quorn Leicestershire

We can help you if you’re facing any of these situations:

  • Concerned about difficulties in your relationship
    You may want to seek our advice at a stage when you are experiencing difficulties in your relationship. There are many pressures on relationships, which may include not being listened to, health or financial issues, the wider family, the arrival of children, children leaving home – or you may have found you have fallen out of love. At this stage, we guard against any formal involvement but guide you to the appropriate people who may be able to help, such as Relate. Often we see clients at this stage who just want an overview of the legal aspects of separation and a short meeting with us may help address that. Of course, the situation may have gone further than that…and you may want advice on how to help you move on from your current situation.

James has been acting for my sister with her divorce. I was present at the first meeting and was impressed and pleased with the way he got her to open up and talk to him in a way that I have seldom seen her do. James has been very firm and honest with my sister throughout the process, guiding her to make difficult decisions, and acting in an empathic and professional manner at all times. I would be very happy to recommend James to anyone going through a similar situation.

Orlene Palmer, Leicestershire

  • Considering Divorce
    If you are seeking a divorce, you have to demonstrate that your marriage has irretrievably broken down. To prove this, there are five facts that a married person can rely on. You can find these in our FAQs.It is important to establish which fact to rely on as, once you have made the decision to issue a petition, you want it to proceed without being rejected by the court because you have failed to meet the required proof, as this will lead to delay and extra cost. Once we have all the facts, we will carefully draft the petition to ensure it fulfils your requirements. Rest assured, as we work through any process we will keep you updated with each step. You’ll find further practical information about the divorce process in our FAQs.
  • Mr Belderbos represented me in family law proceedings. I now have extensive contact with my children despite many difficult challenges – it has changed my life and that of my children for the better.
    Obviously a talented and knowledgeable lawyer, just as importantly, James was patient, supportive and understanding – exactly the sort of person you need on your side in difficult times.

    Mr B, Yorkshire

    Amicable divorce choices
    If you are looking for a more dignified divorce, where all parties come together to find a mutually agreeable outcome, the collaborative law process could be for you. As a specialist in this area, James can tell you more about the process and the benefits for both you and your family. Find out more here.
  • Wanting to ensure continued contact with your childrenContact with children can break down as a result of separation. Alternatively, you may already be separated and may have enjoyed good quality regular contact so far but now it’s faltered – which can be for a number of reasons. Either way, we will listen to you and try to rectify the situation without you having to go to court. If we can’t, we can advise you about the steps that can be taken.
  • Supporting a family member through divorce
    You may have a family member going through divorce and you want to understand more about it and how you can best support them. You might be worried about how it will impact on them and on the family. Whatever your questions and your role, we can use our extensive experience to help you.

Whatever you are facing, start here

If your concerns about the situation keep you awake at night – or go round and round in your mind, talk to us. With our calm, knowledgeable advice, you will go away with answers that help you to make informed decisions – and not worry about things you don’t have to. We can then use our extensive experience to create a solution that works hard to achieve the best outcome for you. Contact us today and start with our fixed price consultation for £99.

Your peace of mind
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Whatever concerns you have, an initial consultation with James will help you understand what to do next and the steps you need to take.