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Oakham Solicitor opens new town centre office

James SignRutland Solicitor, James Belderbos, has opened a new office in the county to strengthen his practice in helping individuals wishing to achieve an amicable separation.

Bird, Belderbos and Mee, founded in 2014 has recently moved into Church Street, Oakham. This office will be headed by James Belderbos who is a collaborative Family Solicitor.

James works with his clients to help them to find a harmonious solution without going through the courts. He said

“The aim of the collaborative process is to provide individuals with a forum for constructive discussion with their advisors present to decide what will happen to their assets or where their children will live rather than relying on a judge to decide. Both parties meet with their solicitors present and over a series of meetings agreement is achieved. There is no lengthy exchange of letters, delay or uncertainty; issues are discussed and resolved in the meetings and then court approval sought. Judges approve of these settlements, as they know the issues have been worked through and the parties properly advised. It suits people who understand the benefits of the need to work together to achieve a solution and the whole process avoids escalating costs

“There is no right or wrong way but I feel strongly that those separating should reach their own decisions and this can be best achieved through working things through themselves within the collaborative process.”

Whilst James does represent clients in court, he believes the collaborative way saves time and money and reduces the stress caused by separation or divorce, allowing clients to concentrate on the important things like their children, business and rehousing.

He recognises that sometimes court is the only option but that the traditional court route is not always in the client’s best interest.

He added: “Divorce or separation is already a difficult time for a family; to have an acrimonious separation and end up in court simply makes matters worse.

“Going into a busy solicitors’ office can be daunting, especially for those faced with separation which is one of the most stressful things that can happen to an individual; we offer a comfortable, private and safe place for our clients to talk things through.”

Bird Belderbos & Mee already runs a successful commercial and private client office in Rearsby, Leicestershire, and James says the reason for opening an office in Oakham is to better serve his increasing client base in Rutland as well as providing a secure and discrete setting.

“I live in Oakham and my children go to school here so we’re already a part of the community and I am looking forward to building closer links with businesses and fellow professionals.

For more information, or to make an appointment at the Oakham office call 01572 490 660 or visit

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