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The parallels between Brexit and divorce and the difference that could save you a fortune

Pound SterlingAs news unfolds daily of what Brexit may mean to us as a nation it is evident how little we understood the ramifications of exiting our union with Europe. After years of considering Brexit the realisation the morning after the referendum of what the nation had decided brought shock and horror to many. Panic ensued resulting in arguments or disapproving mutterings amongst friends and relatives who did not share the same point of view.

This nation’s exit form Europe is unprecedented and the ramifications are unknown and will remain uncovered for years to come. Parallels can be drawn with marriage and divorce. Will I really have to continue to pay money to my former spouse read Europe? Will I feel alone and isolated? I run a business with my spouse, will I still be able to do that after divorce? How much is it going to cost? When will it all finally be resolved?

If considering divorce, you may have relied on anecdotal evidence from friends, family or mistakenly ill-defined searches of the internet in deciding whether to stay or go whether to exit or not. You may feel no better informed than you did when you approached the polling station on 23rd June to place your vote, “Yes” or “No”. Your gut may have been telling you one thing but do you really understand the issues. How many knew the government would be embroiled in litigation on simply how to go about the process.

Fortunately for those facing divorce, unlike Brexit, there are experts who have been through this before and who are not struggling knowing what to do. They understand the issues, appreciate the challenges you face and will face and the regrets that some have. They can guide you, offer advice and support based upon their years of experience often saving you thousands rather than simply guessing the solution.

Advice is available from expert solicitors who will answer your queries and consult and discuss how to get the best outcome for you. Court may be inevitable but there may be better ways. For those who have decided they have had enough of searching the internet for answers and want to sit down face to face with an expert to get a firm understanding of how divorce will affect them help is available. Your exit need not be such a big step into the unknown.

For help and advice on your personal situation concerning divorce or separation contact James Belderbos of Bird Belderbos & Mee on 01664 498 998 or 01572 940 660.

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